[development] NNTP and Adservers ??

Dan Horning lists at danhorning.com
Wed Aug 30 16:01:10 UTC 2006

the nntp thing - that's great.

as far as the adserver - the limitations of phpmyads (new and others) 
all are dimension based for the target adspace and phpmyads is just a 
drain on a server (esp the environment I'm looking at and the fact it's 
only an internal ad system)

i think it's really just the logic for the blocks that is complicated in 
any way - ;-)

any thoughts?


Khalid B wrote:
>> NNTP/Mailgateway (unpaid project for bar.baen.com - talking about
>> replacing the system they have with drupal)
>>  -- allowing for threaded posting of comments and the ability to
>> subscribe to taxonomies and maybe forums also
>>  -- this must also have the ability to control access to the nodes just
>> as roles and na_arbitrators do (use their data if mods available)
>>  -- more spec needed...
> I am sure someone will find this useful. Think of a Drupal powered clone
> of Google Groups (ne Dejavu).
>> Adserver (small but paying project)
>>  -- simply put we need to be able to show any ad on a page spot of any
>> size w/o limitations
>>  -- basic impressions / clicks data would be nice but not at all req
>>  -- would like the logic for displaying the ads built into the page view
>> itself - allowing the end user to place blocks anywhere and within those
>> blocks set simple random rotations of any number of ads.
>>  -- the hard part is doing this without repeating any ad show on a
>> particular page (ie.. if there are 5 available ads for an area - an
>> there are 8 spots open in the block setups it will only show the total
>> of five balanced across the available space. it is key that the
>> dimensions are not a factor - call it non-idiot proof but it's a needed
>> option for the targets. - dimensionally controled spots also would be
>> good... )
>>  -- the ability to assign types to the blocks
> There is the banner module which serves ads from the Drupal site
> on the same Drupal site.
> At one point Jeremy Andrews was writing an expanded version that treats
> ads as nodes.
> If you want a central ad server for other sites, why do you need it to be
> Drupal? Look in phpAdsNew which is GPL licensed.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PhpAdsNew

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