[development] Forms.module for 4.7

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Tue Feb 21 09:36:04 UTC 2006

On 20-Feb-06, at 2:53 PM, Earl Miles wrote:

> Jeremy Epstein wrote:
>> This new library (JotForm) looks amazing.. the demo on the website  
>> has
>> me drooling all over my desk. BUT there's a big issue that concerns
>> me...
>> Licensing: what license is JotFrom released under? I couldn't find  
>> any
>> reference to the license or terms of use anywhere on the site. All it
>> says (in the FAQ) is that "During the beta period, it is completely
>> free". Even that doesn't sound too promising: clearly, the author
>> plans to charge for (at the very least) commercial use of the  
>> library.
>> If so, JotForm will be neither a GPLed or a GPL-compatible
>> application, and therefore we will not be able to use it in Drupal.
>> Also, Ber, I too think you're overreacting. Nobody wants to jave a
>> completely JS interface as the ONLY interface to anything in Drupal.
>> If we ever did implement something like JotForm, it would only be as
>> an alternative interface to, say, the underlying CCK API.
>> Jaza.
> You know, I quickly assumed JotForm was basically just a demo. It's  
> clear that the author of JotForm hopes to get something out of it.  
> The thing is, I think any number of talented developers around  
> Drupal could put together something that, perhaps not quite as  
> slick and polished as that, would do very well for Drupal. The core  
> of JotForm is likely to be the HTML generation properties...and a  
> Drupal-specific tool wouldn't even need that. It'd just need to  
> know what gizmos and widgets Drupal has available and what  
> attributes they support. Drupal would do the rendering, and the  
> front end would simply do the arranging.

@Jaza: re license, JF is an example of what can be accomplished. I  
left a comment with the guy asking what he wants to do with it, but  
like Earl says, we can probably build most of this directly with the  
Form API.

@Ber: you can build all your forms manually, and make a  
Drupal4Blind....for 99% of people, they will find an admin with a JS  
browser to build a form in 10sec.

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