[development] Module Builder Module 1.0

Angie Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Tue Feb 21 21:20:14 UTC 2006

Ber Kessels wrote:
> Pity. I announced on all the MLs, several times that I was working on this.
> Our code differs rather a lot, so I think we will have two in a few weeks :)

Sorry. The idea came up at lunch @ DrupalCon with a few people and I talked to
maybe a dozen or so others too and never got the idea that someone else was
working on something like this. :\

I think it's okay though... as you say in the project description:

"It is certainly not meant for Joe Weblog, for it requires one to run PHP
commands on the server."

Mine is kind of geared more toward that "Joe Weblog," in that ideally it's a
simple interface that makes it easy for newbie developers to create custom
modules (and learn something about how Drupal works in the process), and yet it
also has the ability to provide a nice short-cut for people who already know
what they're doing. As you can (hopefully) see from the template file, my focus
is on finding best practices on hook implementation and defining 'smart'
skeleton code while at the same time also inline-documenting what else is
possible. It's intended to be a teaching tool as much as a development tool.

So I do think there is room for both, and I assure you that no offense was
intended. :)

Btw, another round of bug fixes just went in. Will probably not be able to look
at this again now before the weekend, though. Thanks everyone for the feedback!


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