[development] ALL Contrib maintainers: UTF-8 update

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Sat Jan 21 02:01:35 UTC 2006

Heads up,

I committed my UTF-8 patch (http://drupal.org/node/40515). Looks big, 
but it really isn't /that/ scary. (*)

But because of this, we need to apply an upgrade to all tables. So, if 
you have a contrib module with tables, please go to:

( http://drupal1.osuosl.org/node/22218#utf8_sql )

Don't worry, it's just a quick copy/paste operation, really. Takes only 
5 minutes. Aren't you glad drumm made that awesome update system? ;)

Steven Wittens

(*) And it fixes the last of the UTF-8 issues: database field lengths 
are now guaranteed to be expressed in characters, not bytes. SQL 
operations like substring, lower, etc are guaranteed to work. 
Alphabetical ordering can sort accented letters properly. And much more.

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