[development] Evil hack: admin/modules without memory restrictions

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Mon Jan 23 09:55:39 UTC 2006

> But why would you start from scratch when a single function can do  
> all the heavy lifting for you?  The preference for a single  
> character? ( : versus = ).  It seems that development time could be  
> put to better use than writing another file parsing routine.

> What are users?  Aren't module developers users too?  Why not give  
> them a documented function to work against?
My sentiments are similar. But, in the long run a non-exetuable
meta-data file is a bit simpler - you can distribute only that file, and
no trust between the parties is required to read it in.

I've implemented both kinds of meta-data file type, where the plain text
is the origin. The php file is generated off the text, can be
concatenated into one big thing and can be used uniformely.

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