[development] Categorizing modules-demonstrating the value ofthe Drupal platform

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Tue Jan 24 07:31:52 UTC 2006

On 23-Jan-06, at 9:00 PM, Nedjo Rogers wrote:

>> Turn on free tagging and let everyone suggest categories as desired.
> Thanks Moshe, it's a good suggestion.  The way we've coded this in  
> project.module, though, is that the projects vocabulary is used in  
> a special way: the top level terms are project types (Modules,  
> Themes, etc.).  This is what allows us to have a local task (tab)  
> for each project type.  Second+ level terms are the options for  
> that project type (e.g., Modules might have mail, XML, etc.).
> Am I right in thinking that freetagging always creates top-level  
> terms?  If so, that won't work here because of the specialized use  
> of top-level terms.
> One suggestion has been that we could have this specialized (and  
> manually maintained) vocabulary, plus another freetagging  
> vocabulary.  This permits a vocabulary with a select, limited  
> number of terms, plus a larger community-built one.

Yes, it should use both. See the 4.6-era version of weblinks. It uses  
one vocab for a navigational structure, and can use one or more  
additional vocabularies for keyword-style tagging. Works really well.

We should probably look at some of the old archives for some first  
cuts at categorization...

This really should have been built with two vocabularies -- one for  
top level, one for categorization. Yeah, probably too late now. Means  
you have to set vocab to multi-hierachy too -- if you want to use XML  
for both Modules and Themes, has to appear under both hierarchies....

Here are some ideas that should nicely mess with peoples' perceptions:

Content Types
* Event
* Reviews
* Image
* Audio
* Event
* Form
* Mailhandler
* Image
* Img_assist
* user_import
* troll
* Mailhandler
* Sections
* Views
* Dashboard
* Theme_editor
* Event
* EventFinder
* Troll
* Privatemsg
* Buddylist

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