[development] FAQ Module . . .

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Fri Jan 27 20:31:12 UTC 2006

What would the FAQ module have that book.module cannot do?

To create a FAQ today, you list the Q and the A, save the node, then
click outline, then assign a top level. Repeat with the rest of the
questions, but assign the top level page as the parent.

As a bonus, you get a side block listing all the FAQs for you.

Unless you want questions by users and answers by the site, and for
this use the question.module ...

On 1/27/06, Jason Flatt <drupal at oadae.net> wrote:
> Hello all.
> In the last month, I have had three separate people ask me about setting up an
> FAQ on their site.  I know there is documentation about how to do this with
> the book module, and I know this is possible just using existing
> functionality within Drupal, but there is no real module designed to help
> easily create, edit and view a standardized FAQ.  After thinking through the
> process, I think, for me, it would be a good exercise to create an FAQ
> module, and it could benefit the community, as well.  So, before I get too
> far into it, I thought I would check: is anyone else is headed down this path
> as well?  If so, maybe we can collaborate, or at least minimize duplication
> of effort.
> --
> Jason Flatt
> http://www.oadae.net/
> jason at oadae.net

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