[development] Modules: The Hit List

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jul 9 10:16:17 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 8 juli 2006 11:15, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> We have a long way to go.  Let's focus  
> on getting the install system in first.

I would love to work more on the "brochureware" part. But from what I have 
seen so far, the install profiles are still vapour.

Hence I will continue developing that brochureware stuff outside of 
core-patches and, for now, without install profiles.

And I hope -sincerely- others do that too. There already is a forum distro. 
Maintaining a blog distro is not hard (esp if you are an active blogger 
yourself) and

We don't need install profiles to maintain distro's. Install profiles will 
only make that maintainance a tad simpler. But the actual Real Work, like 
making modules not conflict, weeding out security issues in modules you want 
to provide, endless tweaking of the Start-Off Configuration, needs no install 

Take blog-distro: looking for the Perfect Solution For Inline Images will take 
you weeks. Its not a matter of installing a few modules. It requires 
tweaking, modifying, patching etc. A distro that is simply Drupal core with 
three extra nmodules in a tarball, is not a distro, IMO. It's the whole 
experience that counts. And that requires time, not an install system per-sé.


[1] If install profiles are in, in 4.8, I am sure that they need at least 
another round of patches before we can actaully *use* it. At least, that is 
the impression I get from Fapi over time. It works, It is a tep forward, but 
it has a lot of annoying things (and don't say: where are your patches, 
because that is the worst part: I don't understand the underlying code so 
making Fapi patches is way over my head).

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