[development] Patches 4.8 - New Theme

sime info at urbits.com
Tue Jul 11 03:43:00 UTC 2006

Hi Trae,
Sorry for not linking the previous thread "Patches":

Trae McCombs wrote:

> On 7/10/06, *sime* <info at urbits.com <mailto:info at urbits.com>> wrote:


>     Our trialling users, Fantastico users, non-techie administrators, they
>     want a new "sexy" theme as one of the defaults. For that reason, the
>     focus has to be on the design first, and therefore we the tools are
>     Photoshop, Fireworks or GIMP - *not* CSS and HTML. I'm sure we'd
>     have 10
>     great candidates designs within a week if an announcement went in the
>     forums. Or let's just expand on a great looking Wordpress theme. Or
>     let's just have a vote on the best looking contrib theme.
> Making a pretty design (I prefer inkscape btw. ;)  Is an easy thing to 
> do.  Having a sane base that all themers can use to build thier theme 
> is what we should be solving.  I worked for a while on this with Ted 
> (m3avrck) and Robin (mozillaman)
> and we didn't get very far.

What I would like is to avoid discussion "implementation" and "sane 
bases" and "building on". All that can come later, and will come, and 
will be good. My agenda is moving focus of discussion to what is missing 
from core. *I think* that a "good looking" theme is missing, something 
that puts Drupal's on a "sexiness" par with Joomla.

But here, you have provided a candidate "inkscape", that is what I'd 
like to see. I don't find this theme in the downloads - can you provide 
a screenshot?

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