[development] install system

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Thu Jul 13 21:11:51 UTC 2006

Earl, I said specifically that I use and need archive module for what it 
provides currently. If this sound like I need a generic solution, then I 
might have used improper wording.

  >> I am looking into updating that module. Weblabor.hu got az ISSN number
  >> partly because of having a date based browsing interface (which is the
  >> calendar and the archive module providing it). So we are in need of
  >> the functionality obviously.

Maybe I should have been more clear that we got an ISSN number partly 
because of using the archive module. We intend to use a module that 
provides that functionality. We are definitely not fond of overkill.

I also said I hopefully going to work on the enhanced archive module which 
many people would like to see in core. In fact I have just set up a drupal 
HEAD to try and update the module now.

> By the same token, people need to understand that 20 different versions of 
> relatively narrow application modules *also* aren't good solutions either, 
> and an archive module with no ability to exclude irrelevant content from the 
> archive one instance of the too narrow solution.

I have seen a great demand for the enhanced archive.module by codemonkeyx 
to get into core. Although I am fine with the archive module in core 
currently, it does not seem so that it has any future, so I figured I 
better put time into *some* archive functionality for core, so that this 
stuff is kept. Whether this is a relatively narrow application module I 
don't know, it will be decided by the community. Maybe my efforts will go 
unused. Maybe someone will use the enhanced archive module even if 
cck+views+event provides a more generic all-covering solution, as you 


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