Archive module (was Re: [development] install system)

Boris Mann boris at
Thu Jul 13 21:37:45 UTC 2006

Aaaand....this is now specifically off topic for "install system".

On 13-Jul-06, at 2:11 PM, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> I have seen a great demand for the enhanced archive.module by  
> codemonkeyx to get into core. Although I am fine with the archive  
> module in core currently, it does not seem so that it has any  
> future, so I figured I better put time into *some* archive  
> functionality for core, so that this stuff is kept. Whether this is  
> a relatively narrow application module I don't know, it will be  
> decided by the community. Maybe my efforts will go unused. Maybe  
> someone will use the enhanced archive module even if cck+views 
> +event provides a more generic all-covering solution, as you  
> suggested.

Gabor, thanks for taking this on.

We all agree that Views etc. are a much more complete solution. I  
think we can also agree that views + event + CCK are not ready for a  
core The narrow solution which the core archive module provides -- of  
browsing by date -- is's just narrow.

If anyone wants to work an an alternate archive.module functional  
implementation using a or other minimal implementation  
(perhaps taking the opportunity to remove tracker module and  
implementing "unread" functionality as on'm  
sure the community would look forward to reviewing patches :P

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