Archive module (was Re: [development] install system)

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at
Thu Jul 13 23:07:16 UTC 2006

> Gabor, thanks for taking this on.
> We all agree that Views etc. are a much more complete solution. I think we 
> can also agree that views + event + CCK are not ready for a core The narrow 
> solution which the core archive module provides -- of browsing by date -- is 
>'s just narrow.

I have updated the CVS HEAD version of the contrib archive.module, so it 
works nicely with Drupal 4.7 and HEAD (tested with HEAD on a database 
updated from 4.7). It still has three fundamental issues:

  - One query is not pgsql compatible. As it turned out at it is not a trivial fix.

  - Timezones are surely not properly handled yet. Codemonkeyx
    sometimes added, sometimes substracted the timezone offset
    from dates. I have not yet looked into this.

  - Theme functions are not up to par to core standards.

I tried to get CSS ids, function names, function parameters, menu system 
parameter handling, page callbacks and such up to core standrads.

The good in the updated module is that it is now a drop in replacement for 
archive module (no need to patch anything). It does not have the calendar 
block for some reason (comment on the issue above, if you think that 
should not be lost). But it does have a much improved browsing interface.

Since this archive module was intended as a core archive module 
replacement, it does not have a project page, neither an issue queue. 
Therefore maybe the above issue is the proper place to add your opinions 
on the module.


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