[development] LinksDB vs. Links

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jul 28 21:43:49 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 28 juli 2006 20:22, schreef Boris Mann:
> Would neglected be a better word? 1 & 2 as you mention above are  
> indicators to me that not enough attention is being paid to the  
> bundle (I'm not trying to diss links, just trying to find out more  
> about future direction / viability).

No. If you subscribe to the issues, you will find that issues are not only 
dealt with very fast, but that it gets a lot of good feature requests, often 
containing patches which are committed rather fast.

> And yes, the other big thing is the does-it-all nature..

Also incorrect!

It does a lot. But that is because links is made up from about 8 modules. 
Modules that can all be switched off! It is nothing like ecommerce (wich 
requires five modules at least). The only one required module is the one 
containing the API. All other links modules can be used at your wishes, or 

Lets get this FUD out of the way for once and for all: Links is not complex, 
not bloated and not Big. 
It is Very Simple. You will find that once you used a module from it, you will 
deploy it on every site. Even your blog (how cool is it to track if one of 
the links in one of your blogs points to a none existing site by now?). 


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