[development] Modules page rework

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Jul 29 20:19:53 UTC 2006

Morbus Iff wrote:
>> I was originally going to change the checkboxes to buttons, but then I 
>> realized: What if I want to enable 4 modules at once? Enabling them 
>> one at a time would be kind of annoying.
> No, no. I can hook you up with a Gallery 2 admin demo if you'd like. 
> Basically, for Gallery 2, when you click activate, it's all AJAX'd or 
> what have you. A little message says "<name> activated" at the top of 
> the screen, and that's it. The word "activate" then changes to 
> "deactivate" (and, in Gallery 2's case, adds "uninstall"). You never 
> actually leave the screen, and can enable/disable modules at once.

That's nice but

1) any js guys willing to set that up and
2) does it degrade reasonably and
3) would the js pass Steven's code review?

Other than that, sure, great idea. =)

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