[development] OpenID

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Mon Jul 31 14:02:56 UTC 2006

>  From reading the bounty page (http://iwantmyopenid.org/bounty), I see 
> this: "Implement OpenID 2.0 support as a Relying Party (RP) or Identity 
> Provider (IdP)" -- I'm assuming that for the bounty they want the app to 
> work both as an OpenID client and server, but this seems to imply that 
> just one would do it. Do they mean *and* instead of *or* ?

I was wondering about that too ... I think though that this has to be AND 
for consideration into core Drupal. We have always shipped with an 
authentication server and an auth client. I don't see us switching to a new 
system without both components in place.

I'm subscribed to the DA group on the groups site. Thats a good place for 
detailed discussions on this: 

I'd love to see this happen for Drupal. I will help.

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