[development] Install profiles tutorial for Drupal 4.7, Friday 8AM PST

Corey Bordelon corey.bordelon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 20:50:57 UTC 2006

I agree on the community looking at other install systems before commiting
"one installer to rule them all" to core.  My vote would be for the
PEAR-style or Ruby Gems style.  I'm currently trying to grok the internals
of each to see if it's feasible.

On 6/9/06, Bèr Kessels <ber at webschuur.com> wrote:
> Op vrijdag 9 juni 2006 21:06, schreef Gabor Hojtsy:
> > Sometimes these replacements get
> > into core in place of outdated stuff. This is how parts of CCK are
> > hopefully going to get into core in place of story, page, etc modules.
> > This does not mean story and page should not have been there, and we
> > should have been waiting for (a simplified) CCK all along. Or does it?
> Yes. But this time we are putting somthing in that has no equivalent yet.
> Somthing that is not proven to the The Right Way.
> Note that CCK is already a second revision (flexinode?) and still needs
> TLC as
> well as a lot of rounds of improvment.
> "There is no better test environment then the real world". (quoting
> no-one)
> Thing is: I investigated a lot of stuff before starting my sympal
> installer
> stuff, and my conclusion was twofold:
>     There is *no* such thing as a safe online install system. Joomla, e.g.
> fails on a lot (I recieved  a number of 1/4th) of servers. Only servers
> with
> a *lax* security program let Joomla install itself, and write its own code
> from the web.
>    Plesk and brethren (and even .debs etc) rule the market of Small Sites.
> Drupals People. I esitmated (wild guess) that over half of our Drupal
> installations are installed trough such systems. So: why not offer a plesk
> installer instead? Or even better: a way to make building a
> plesk-Drupal-instaler Very Easy. What is better: a button in plesk that
> says:
> "install Drupal" or a way to allow FTP-ing your site, browsing to some
> Secret
> URL, install your Drupal-With-Drupal?
> Again, I'd like to mention "staring blind". We should really move away
> from
> the idea that a web installer is crucial. And focus on the underlying
> issue:
> Make *deploying* Drupal very easy. That does not start and end with a
> web-based installer. That starts wtih a vision and a good founded "thing"
> to
> install Drupal. From whatever: Plesk, MyOSServerManager, debian, ubuntu,
> app installers, Hell, even a .exe, or .msi would be grand, or a live CD,
> etc.
> But not by walking like geese behind all the other CMSes that have web
> based
> installers.
> Bèr
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