[development] Staging content to production servers

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Sat Jun 17 03:41:41 UTC 2006

Dave Cohen wrote:
> I've started to address this issue by reserving the first 1000 ids for the 
> "staging" (or if you prefer, "install profile").  So for instance node nid 10 
> comes from the install profile, while node nid 1010 is on the production 
> server only.  Same goes for vocabulary with vid 10 (or 1010), menu with mid 
> 10 (or 1010), etc.  Later, I can add node 11 to the install profile and 
> propigate it to my production site easily enough and without fear of 
> overwriting anything that's been configured on the production server.
> You can read exactly how I do this here <http://dave-cohen.com/node/1066>.

wow, thats a very clever solution to the problem. i would totally support 
drupal patches which insure that ids start at 1000. i'm not so sure about a 
patch which adds unique keys to all tables. we need someone db person to 
chime in there. anyway, it would be handy if we supported this trick better 
(i.e. without patching).

thanks for sharing.


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