[development] Forms API newbie guide?

Fouad Riaz Bajwa bajwa at fossfp.org
Sun Jun 18 16:24:34 UTC 2006

Reference to Shawn's query,
There is no roadmap designed to facilitate developers design 
1. Themes
2. Modules
These are the two main components of the Drupal Framework that have huge
loads of documentations available but no simple steps or tutorials that
makes Drupal design for short-period development deadlines troublesome. I
got a job task for 5 days for quite some income that could have helped me
out a lot but I lost it because the user design was complex and there was no
simple means or if not simple, for that matter, a straight forward method to
design a theme based on personal design requirements. Second for the module,
there should be a straight forward set of "module templates" or "module
framework skeletons" that one can pick up and design their requirements. 

Let me give you an example of the most most most common custom Modules
(forms style) that almost every developer has to design:
1. Master Detail Forms, Insertion Forms, Deletion Forms, Modification Forms
2. Calculator Forms etc.

The developers of Drupal are not considering that Drupal is not only for CMS
and Web Application developers, it is for a much wider community that needs
a lot of functionality support.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa

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I'm just starting out trying to create my own module, and am having 
problems understanding some concepts.  I'm finding the online docs/api 
to be lacking in some areas.  So I was hoping someone might know of a 
good resource to building a module that will include creating a form and 
inserting/updating form data into a database table.

I'm looking at Drupal 4.7, and have partial success with the Form API. 
I'm able to insert data, but updating is failing miserably.  I'm sure my 
approach is not correct, but don't see much in the docs to help me out. 
   (I don't *think* it's a question of how to use code, but more of how 
to use the framework - the APIs address the code part.)

Thanks for any tips.


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