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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Mar 6 20:08:11 UTC 2006

Op maandag 6 maart 2006 19:57, schreef Kieran Lal:
> If anyone is interested in maintaining at least one test over  
> the 4.7 release cycle let's get together and see if we can provide a  
> useful maintained suite that can be run against head to identify  
> issues and provide core developers a toolset to improve the quality  
> of their patches.

Again, here is Ber-with-his-never-ending-RoR stories :) Ignore this mail if 
you have heard enough of sympal (developers distro) and these Ror 
comaprisons. :)

For Sympal (the Drupal distro for devels) I have scheduled, but not yet 
finalised, the following environments, simply by copying the RoR 
* production (the live version)
* dev (hacking up stuff, core is even pulled out of the multisite during this 
* test  (yea, testing. But no Real clue yet)
* live -> production (Live is the one active in apache, its there to allow 
switching of environment w/o touching apache)

The test part is very and highly fuzzy right now. My ideal is that it will 
contain a testing environment. Where unit-test live. A place where we can 
also release an early betha for clients. A place where we can fix our work on 
development without the risk of 'i just saw "w000t first IF ent0r3d" appear 
on my site, sir, what is that about' etc. 
The problem is, that I never used testing environments before I ran into RoR. 
That one has it built in, and has it so easy to use, that even I used it :). 
The bigger problem in that, I have got nothing to show then a garbled an 
restructured core, in some BZR now.. So it aint very appealing to put a lot 
of effort into unit-test-for-that-distro out oif there is no distro yet.

So, in practice: Have you got interest in a developers distro shipping with a 
default (automated) Drupal test environment: please let me know, I am a 
virgin in that area ;) , and would love to get some clue on how it can be 
used in Drupal development in  a structured way, in the developers distro, if 

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