[development] user group permissions

Simon Lindsay simon at dirtbike.ws
Tue Mar 28 03:31:11 UTC 2006

Chris Johnson wrote:
> I'm writing a module which requires that the data displayed be specified 
> both by user name (no problem, works out of the box) and by a group that 
> the user is in.  I currently have 286 such groups, and the number will 
> only grow larger.  This is not a role, but rather a permission to see 
> certain rows of a database table.
> I can't help but think that this has been done before in Drupal.  Any 
> suggestions or pointers as to where best to find existing code that does 
> this, or otherwise how to implement it?

The organic groups module does what you want I think.


I use it in a very similar way to what you describe for the ERP module 
set we're building that is nearly ready for release.

In our case, each "customer" is also an organic group, which means we 
can give a customer user access to their own posts, but not any of the 
other customer groups/posts.

Managing such a large number of groups at the bottom of each node is the 
next hurdle I'll be submitting patches to the og module for ;-)



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