[development] Time to remove poll module from core

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Tue May 2 03:20:22 UTC 2006

On May 1, 2006, at 12:14 PM, Robert Douglass wrote:

> http://drupal.org/node/61285
> Its presence in core is holding up its own development.

i agree with the thrust of this discussion (and the spin-offs) about 
slimming down core, removing not-so-core modules from core, etc.

however, back to the original discussion at hand: removing poll -- does 
that mean i shouldn't bother working on http://drupal.org/node/51561 at 
all?  i'd like to see a lot of improvements in poll, and would be 
willing to help work on them, but i don't want to waste effort if it's 
all going to be re-done, etc.

should we make a group on groups.drupal.org for "poll developers"?  i 
wonder how many of the DEP-related activities (e.g. all the 
almost-effort going into event, event management, etc) should be moved 
to a group there, too.  i just created my account on groups.drupal.org, 
so i haven't checked it out yet in detail, but should this be the wave 
of the future for collaborative development, co-maintainers, etc?

-derek (dww)

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