5.0 and or 4.8 (was Re: [development] Drupal x.x.0 freeze date)

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Tue May 2 08:27:19 UTC 2006

On 02 May 2006, at 10:15, Boerland, Bert wrote:
> The reason we don't have a roadmap, is twofold. One: we don't / 
> need/ a roadmap and two we don't /want/ a roadmap. The second  
> reason is mostly because people are afraid it will be fixed.  
> Roadmaps aren't fixed, roads can change, so can roadmaps, they are  
> not rigid. The first reason is from /our/ point of view valid,  
> however we are not alone in this world and it will create new  
> opportunities for Drupal from an outsiders POV if we did have a  
> roadmap.

What kind of opportunities?  Remind that people can't rely (i) on a  
roadmap that changes all the time and (ii) code that has yet to be  

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