[development] Time to remove poll module from core

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed May 3 21:13:09 UTC 2006

It can be done the CCK way which Jonathan Chaffer (JonBob) outlined above.

Another way is just the "regular" way, where the new blog module would display
new form elements on any (or admin selectable) node types, and store its data
in a poll table, perhaps backward compatible with the existing poll table.

On 5/3/06, blogdiva at culturekitchen.com <blogdiva at culturekitchen.com> wrote:
> YES!!!!!!
> On  03.May.2006, at 01:00 PM, Khalid B wrote:
> >> As someone who uses Drupal for a bit more than blogging, having polls
> >> in a post, the way Scoop sites have it, would make sense from a
> >> marketing research/political polling POV. Blog polls allow for
> >> immediate capturing of capture people's thoughts on a post. I
> >> honestly don't know why CivicSpace didn't steal that idea from the
> >> DailyKos crowd.
> >
> > I think what we can do is stop having polls as their own type of
> > content.
> > They are an add on module, like upload (file attachments), nodevote
> > (votes),
> > ...etc.
> >
> > In other words, they add polls on the form of any type of content
> > that the
> > admin assigns it to be. So, we can have blog polls, forum polls,
> > page polls,
> > ...etc.
> >

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