[development] OT: Drupal user and contributor 'alaa' has been arrested

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri May 12 21:42:19 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 12 mei 2006 20:52, schreef Gunnar Langemark:
> I fully understand if drupal.org hesitates, but all of us ought to take
> the 5 minutes to blog it, and spreading the word.
> Alaa has done what we all should do. He speaks up for democracy and
> freedom of speech.

My fingers are itching to make this a drupal.org frontpage. 
I never yet made any post a drupal.org frontpage myself. And I am a bit afraid 
that, by following my political guts in this, I ban myself, rather then add 
to the political mission.

I would love Dries, Robin, or even Kieran speaking up in this matter. 

After all: A respected member of our contributors team has spoken up, has 
proved his Drupal spirit, and was arrested for it.

When was it that Drupal ducked for people speaking ou their minds? I cannot 
recall a single incidence!


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