Drupal without modifications (Re: [development] Extend database abstraction layer, to include table creation.)

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Mon May 15 14:23:51 UTC 2006

I started using Drupal 4.2 in summer of 2003, and 4.3/4.4 was out before
I went live in Jan 2004, so I upgraded to that.

The first iteration of live Drupal sites I used was a heavily modified multisite
install, even the theme was a heavily modified pre-Bluemarine theme.

Later, I switched to stock Pushbutton with a logo.

Over the years, I found that my modifications to core are less
and less with every release that comes out.

Part of it is that bugs I file tend to get fixed, although slower than
I would like, but it eventually gets done.

Part of it is I want to have the least modifications possible, so that
I would not have to merge my changes with every release.

Part of it is that Drupal is getting more flexible and powerful with
less code and bloat ...

So, I think we are on the right track here, at least in my experience.

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