[development] Verbal Violence: Stand and Deliver

Gary (Lists) listout at accidentaltechie.org
Tue May 16 06:19:04 UTC 2006

"Gerhard Killesreiter" wrote:

> This is a technical discussion list. Nothing should be taken personal (unless
> where noted).

This is not personal.  This is political.

I encourage any other person or persons to join with me in saying "No, we
will not tolerate verbal violence" from Mr. Killesreiter.

Each and every time that he seeks to verbally abuse another, we must say

Each and every time he seeks to mask his violence with "That's just how I
am", we must say "No, not here."

Each and every time he seeks to belittle, demean, insult, or harm another
individual we must say "No, not her and not him."

If Mr. Killesreiter would see fit to argue, as staunchly and as emotionally
as he wanted, against the substance or ideas of others, then perhaps we
could see through an occasional bitter comment or cross word.

But, rather than give even cursory reply to other people's thoughts and
ideas, he uses this public Drupal-branded forum to exorcise his own anger
and violence.

This is inappropriate and is condoned by silence.

To those who have recently spoken up:

KhalidB, Gildas Cotomale, Richard Archer, Jeremy Epstein

... I applaud your individual action in the face of a bully, and you should
all know that your action is important, it is meaningful and it is helpful.
Further, it is personally meaningful to me to read your words, offered
warmly, humorously and clearly.

And this is personal.

"Gerhard Killesreiter" wrote:

> The fact that I don't pour half a ton of sugar over my emails should be common
> knowledge by now.

But you sure like to sugar coat your mean spirit, and hide behind your
oppression of others as if it were just something you were born with.

Respectful adults, no matter what their particular personality traits,
should not be encouraged or allowed to "smooth over" their verbal abuse of
other people just by saying "Oh, that's just how I am."

Oppressions of all kinds have been lessened by people standing up to those
like you, who would hide behind their weaknesses and fears by claiming
"personality", "childhood learning" or other thin and unconvincing

You are violent.  You are verbally abusive.  And you write as if you have
some deep-seated belief that you are more important than others and that you
have a "free pass" to be condescending "just because".

I would be more than happy to introduce some useful reading resources if you
would like to further understand why your behavior is not tolerable and is
verbally violent and abusive.

Know this:

You shall not continue to remain unchallenged in your ongoing harsh tone,
mean spirit, demeaning attitude, verbal abuse and violence toward others.

I do not care who you are, how long you've been here, why you think it's
okay for you to be verbally abusive or any other thing.

Nor do I care what you do for Drupal.

I refuse to slink away, remain silent, or watch you treat other people in
this way.  (Neither do I wish to antagonize you, and would much rather you
simply got with the 21st century and showed a little respect to other human

You may be as bitter and angry as you like in private, but you are in
public, sir, and you should be reprimanded by the owner of this list, rather
than coddled and glad-handed, as it seems you expect.

I said you would not bully me, and you have temporarily halted your attacks.

Now, I join with anyone else who will also stand, to tell you, loudly and

Get over yourself, Mr. Killesreiter.

Your "free pass" for verbal violence has expired.


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