[development] when we run out of characters

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed May 17 23:56:23 UTC 2006

> > Any other objections?
> my only objection to modulename_hook() is that it will be ugly and
> harder to read for the humans (e.g. on the admin/modules page, in the
> code itself, etc).  for example, the date field module for cck would
> become something like "fielddate".

If we have a hook_info, then we can put any module name in it, like
we do with node type modules today.

Or, when we get the metadata files for each module, we can have
a human friendly description in it.

> if there's no other alternative,
> personally, i'd prefer fieldDate. *ducks*

[Throws TV remote at dww ...]

> moduleName_hook() introduces case, but i think is fairly easy to
> read.  this has the nice benefit of only effecting modules that want
> multiple words in their own name, instead of forcing all code to change.

It introduces Yet-Another-Variant-In-Code-Style in Drupal. This will be
more confusing for everyone.

> personally, moduleName_hook()  (for the handful of modules that care,
> e.g og, cck, etc) isn't the end of the world, and requires much less
> work.  code may be gold, but grunt-work code is lead, IMHO.

I can't say it is the end of the world, but then it would be too confusing.
Our code style discourages camel case, and now we will have yet
another exception ...

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