[development] Microsoft SQL Server

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Tue May 23 15:25:12 UTC 2006


Can't talk about specifics in your case, since I do not know which
product you were trying to write a module for.

Also the "had a connection" bit is vague. What is "a connection"?
Does it use non-GPL code?

However, there are a few points that need to be clarified:

- All code that goes in the repository (core and contrib) has to be GPL.
This is to avoid license issues in the future for everyone.

- Core cannot be dependant on a commerical product.

Apart from that, you can basically support anything you want in
contrib. An example is adsense, which is a commercial service
(not a product per se) but has a module written for it. There are
other cases.

Regarding MS-SQL, not sure if that should be core or contrib. I guess
depends on how actively it is developed and maintained can determine

> > I'm interested in resuming support for MS SQL Server.
> I was recently "knocked back" from submitting a module
> because it had a connection with a "commercial product"
> The reason given was that a recent decision was
> made that Drupal stuff wouldn't concern itself with
> commercial software.
> Having said that, in another recent email it was noted
> that this policy needs to be reviewed again.
> My module is just a kind of simple "stats for your website" product.
> Wouldn't bolting on MS-SQL represent a much larger association
> with a commercial product?
> I'm not bothered by the exclusion of my module one bit btw, just
> thought that if there's a time and a place for a policy review then
> bolting MS-SQL is a good kick off point as MS-SQL is about as
> commercial a product you're likely to see ;)

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