[development] Here is how you can get 4.5 security patches

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Sat May 27 20:03:26 UTC 2006

i don't think I heard anyone "demand" support for 4.5 ;)  I did hear
Liza make a plea for continued support for 4.5 - but that was what this
thread was about.


> Hi,
> I am shocked by the demands to support 4.5. Do not forget that you are
> not paying Drupal developers to do anything. You are not my boss. Nor
> anyone else's. On what base do you demand? On the amount of
> contribution you made to Drupal over time? I have yet to see any such
> contributor (note: I said contributor, not coder.) who demands this.
> Therefore, the solution is very simple: if you are running 4.5 and do
> not want to update, find others in the same situation and hire an able
> coder who will provide the security patches for you. We will consider
> adding said person to the security team and some guidance will be
> providded, but please do not expect too much from our side.
> Case closed.
> Kind regards,
> Karoly Negyesi
> Ps. While I sometimes work for money, do not consider me. The less 4.5
> code I need to touch, the better for me. Money won't change this.

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