[infrastructure] Re: [development] Drupal 4.5 unsupported

blogdiva at culturekitchen.com blogdiva at culturekitchen.com
Tue May 30 07:53:33 UTC 2006

On  30.May.2006, at 02:49, Dries Buytaert wrote:

> Getting excellent support for Drupal 4.5 and Drupal 4.6 related  
> problems might be a reason not to upgrade.

No, not really. In my case it is the amount of time and money  
expended on making 4.6+ just right. The site is just running smoothly  
after 4 months of debacles. I just dont have the resources to  
basically start a fresh batch of massive debugging and server crashes.

If I had known 18 months what I know now --and grock knows I asked  
and researched all these issues-- I would have not moved to  
If this were a soap opera, the honeymoon is over and i am trying to  
make this relationship work. So given my mixed bag experience, I am  
honestly thinking how I can make this situation not only better for  
myself but for others. Documentation is the first step. Once I'm done  
with the upgrade, I'll send stuff to the Docu people for review.

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up,

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