[development] Any way to get a poll? Drupal 5.0 Default theme.

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Wed Oct 4 02:39:33 UTC 2006

I am in  the "I don't care what the default theme is" camp. I am not going
to use the default theme unmodified for any site that I make public. There
are several levels of what I mean by unmodified depending on what theme
choices I have to work with. For quicky sites with low usage I am likely to
pick up a distributed theme and change the easy things like the mission and
the logo. It would be nice if there were more choices at this level of
modification, e.g. pick fixed or fluid, pick a color scheme from several
choices, etc. One might call this picking a skin. At a slightly higher level
I would like several choices of basic layouts, 1 col, 2 col, 3 col, 5 pane
(top, 3 col, foot), etc. The heavy usage sites will always be willing to pay
for a custom design so there is little need to cater to them.

What can be done with just CSS changes amazes me:
http://www.csszengarden.com/ totally different look with no changes to html.
Drupal should strive for a set of "looks" as different as these. In fact
Dupal has exactly the properties of the above Zen Garden with a small extra
twist of the theme being able to change the html by changing templates. For
example, I have tweaked Bluemarine by changing colors in CSS and moving the
search box and primary menu in the template. I suspect I could have done the
later with CSS changes if Bluemarine were more similar to Zen Garden.

The contrib themes are a good start but they need a uniform classification
scheme so one can tell at a glance the basic properties (fixed/fluid),
(css/tables/mixed), n-col, etc.

Perhaps the secret, at least for me, is themes which can be easily
specialized a bit to look unique by someone with a poor graphic eye for
beauty. This means getting all the little things right, like margins,
alignment and especially browser agnostic.

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