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Op maandag 9 oktober 2006 10:44, schreef u:
> I don't understand the technology used by the spammers (their tools are not
> Open Source!), how they can use a simple robot to post spam from apparently
> different IPs.

Me neither. So here is an interesting idea. (pling, lightbulb). 
A wiki (moderated) about spam. A central, open, open-licenced knowledge-base 
about spam. 
openfight.org or so. 

* tips and tricks to fight spam
* programs and methods to fight spam
* programs used by spammers
* tricks used by spammers
* open-licenced bayesian databases, whitelists, blacklists etc.

This all would have one fundamental issue: there need to more people (hands 
and eyes) that want to fight spam, then that want to spread spam. Else this 
could result in a knowledgebase used by spammers, instead of against them.

This particular issue, the diff. IPs, though is achieved with proxies. There 
are lots of open proxies (badly configured servers, most), and zombie proxies 
(malware/viruses on desktops, most). It is not hard at all to tell e.g. curl 
to use a certain proxy.[1]


-p/--proxytunnel   Operate through a HTTP proxy tunnel (using CONNECT)
    --proxy-anyauth Pick "any" proxy authentication method (H)
    --proxy-basic   Use Basic authentication on the proxy (H)
    --proxy-digest  Use Digest authentication on the proxy (H)
    --proxy-ntlm    Use NTLM authentication on the proxy (H)

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