[development] Logging of IRC Channels?

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Mon Oct 9 13:28:26 UTC 2006

Konstantin Käfer wrote:
> I hereby admit that I have posted IRC logs of #drupal on my weblog.
> And I won't remove it. I consider any IRC channel to be public. And I 
> definitely won't censor myself by not posting IRC logs if I feel the 
> urge to (note that I don't post them regularly or automated) because it 
> is a kind of free speech. 

If you post what you say (your speech), I won't mind. If you post what I 
  say (my speech) I might.

> If you post confidential stuff in a public 
> place, it's your problem. Of course you may kindly ask someone to not do 
> that, but you can't force him.

It isn't really about confidential stuff. It is about being able to call 
a spade a spade without fear for repercussions from unknown people 
further down the timeline. You probably wouldn't want anybody you talk 
to in a bar to later publish the conversation on a webpage either.


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