[development] Logging of IRC Channels?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Mon Oct 9 13:48:41 UTC 2006

> you to take my family site out of it, you really would refuse? I find 
> that surprising. Even the big internet archive won't archive things that 
> they are asked not to (via robots.txt).

Because there's a big difference between not archiving something 
entirely ("I will not archive Michelle's website") and modifying the 
archive ("I will search and replace all text in which Michelle said 
this."). One is a blanket all or nothing. Another is a modification of a 
whole -- if one is willing to do that, the entire integrity of the 
archive comes into question in regards to what was changed but was NOT 
disclosed to the viewer.

Likewise, hiding specific web pages (a single part of a whole) is an 
entirely different matter - that causes very little break in flow or 
conversation (unless, of course, you choose to hide say, chapter 7 of a 
30 chapter book). The equivalent "hiding" in an IRC log ("hide all my 
text") is entirely disruptive.

>> Which is all my fault.
> I don't know about that. Seems like there were a lot of people jumping 

No, no, it was. I was told as much ;)

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