[development] install should optionally create the database

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 09:56:12 UTC 2006

> Lets welcome input lke this. Value people who don't wear Drupal- 
> eyeflaps yet.
> People whom are not pre-occupied. People who can give feedback  
> without the
> pollution of knowing the history or reasons. People who touch  
> problematic
> areas in Drupal without being afraid of being told 'then go and fix  
> it'.

You are absolutely right. Now that I think of the time when I began  
with Drupal. I said things like "the menu system is crap" because I  
didn't know how it worked and used taxonomy_menu instead. Because I  
thought "categories" is Drupal's menu system.

If you read things like "installation is bad" or "administration  
sucks" or "foo is overly complicated", it's mostly not because it is  
really bad but that it is not so easy that it can be understood at  
the first glance. And there we need to improve. We can do this either  
by writing *very* clear documentation (or by providing other help in  
the form of wizards, agents or task oriented menus like we have  
partially now) or we can really try to make the workflow simpler by  
figuring out what a user would expect how it should work when he has  
absolutely no idea of the actual/current workflow.


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