[development] Update on 5.0 core themes

Johan Forngren johan at forngren.com
Sat Oct 21 13:57:45 UTC 2006

I don't wanna start a flame-war or anything but I think zirafa is right.
Though we have lost focus here, we shouldn't focus on who did what, but to
get a nice theme into core. I guess that Frando saw and played around with
zen and themetastic and came up with this one. That's the spirit of
open-source! Please great themers, kill each other after we have a nice
theme in core. ;)

On 10/21/06, Stefan Nagtegaal <Drupal-Devel at istyledthis.nl> wrote:
> Op 20-okt-2006, om 21:17 heeft Farsheed het volgende geschreven:
> >> Stefan
> >> Main developer of ThemeTastic (which isn't based on
> >> any other theme
> >> at all, because I _do_ have inspiration)
> >
> > Contributing to a free, GNU software project
> > inevitably means people will borrow ideas.  You do
> > give up ownership of your ideas to benefit the
> > community, to some extent.
> >
> > If he's borrowing things from your theme and being
> > inspired, consider it a compliment. ;)
> >
> > zirafa
> Zirafa, with all do respect I don't care how you think about this.
> It's not the fact that the theme inspires him, it's more that he
> litterally stole the icons without even asking/informing me about it..
> Stefan
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