[development] Default core theme

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 20:06:21 UTC 2006

> If there's resistance to putting in two "new"
> themes, then one of us  
> could probably easily port something like Bluemarine
> to Zen and  
> include it that way.
> -Angie

Someone has already ported bluemarine to zen/holy
grail layout:


"This theme is a reimplementation of the Bluemarine
theme using the "Holy Grail" layout, as presented by A
List Apart:


Visually it should be nearly identical to Bluemarine.
It is intended more as a demonstration of using a Holy
Grail layout in a Drupal theme than as a theme itself.
Hopefully this will help spawn a bunch more pure-CSS
themes. :-) Enjoy!"

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