[development] Default core theme

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 12:22:07 UTC 2006

> There is an essential part that I have missed all
> trough this discussion
>  * What does Drupal want to acheive with a default
> theme?

Ber brings up a good point. I think from what I've
been observing is that there is more interest in
having a really good looking default theme with all
the bells and whistles.  Themetastic meets and
surpasses that need, especially with this new color
widget.  It serves the branding aesthetic well.

However, from a theme designer point of view, this
theme will be nothing but hell for a new designer. 
Support channels will be flooded with questions about

So I STRONGLY am for a non-default core theme that:

1) has basic elements shaded or outlined
2) is very well documented
3) is compatible across browsers
4) causes the least headaches for new designers


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