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blogdiva at culturekitchen.com blogdiva at culturekitchen.com
Fri Sep 1 15:38:41 UTC 2006

Has potential. I can see people who don't like white backgrounds  
(like me) going for something like this. It needs work though.

Some suggestions:

1.Can we see the navbar placed in the light blue overlay on the  
header (that is part of the body)?

2. I'd like to see these test templates with 3 columns, not just two.

3. I'd put the site name on the left and the icon on the right.

4. Don't place the search bar in the header. How about putting right  
before the first post on main column?

Styling by committee ... eek!

/ liza

On  01.Sep.2006, at 02:35, Dries Buytaert wrote:

> Thoughts and comments about Stefan's theme (http://istyledthis.nl)  
> can be posted in this thread.
> Like with the previous thmeme's thread (which got royally f*cked  
> up, thank you very much), focus on the aesthetics, brand and  
> message.  We'll worry about implementation later.
> Thanks,
> --
> Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/

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