[development] Bug/UI problem with Forums

Gary Feldman dpal_gaf_devel at marsdome.com
Tue Sep 12 14:36:00 UTC 2006

Walt Daniels wrote:
> There don't seem to be issue pages for core modules so I am trying here. 
As far as I can tell, core modules are treated as components of the 
Drupal project in the issue tracker.
> If I have containers and forums within containers, e.g. like the Drupal
> forums are set up, then I go to the add topic page where I get a dropdown
> box to select which forum I want to add the topic to. The UI problem is that
> the list of possibilities includes the containers which it needs to or you
> couldn't have identically named forums in separate containers and figure out
> which is which. If you select the container rather than one of the forums in
> a container, it allows you to add a topic to the container. However there is
> no way of displaying the topics in a container and this is the problem and
> probably shouldn't be permitted because containers shouldn't have topics.
> Proposed fix, when user hits submit check if he selected a containter rather
> than a forum and give an error, allowing him to reselect to a forum.
Here's an alternate fix:  Remove the dropdown and remove the "post new 
topic" link from container pages.  Posting always takes place in the 
currently open forum, period.  A quick check of phpBB at Mozillazine and 
vBulletin at Macromedia tells me that that's the way they work.  This 
feature in Drupal seems like an unnecessary complication.


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