[development] Drupal 5.0 Theme - v2

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Sep 28 17:26:31 UTC 2006

>> Name a single high-profile website:  slashdot.org, digg.com,
>  > newsvine.com, others any of these that doesn't waste the top 300px+
>  > of their site with ads or other stuff.  You simply won't find it.
> is quite inane. It incorrectly assumes that /sites which intend to make 
> money by capturing eyeballs/ will /use the default theme of Drupal/. 
> This is almost never the case, not for any site that plans to actually 
> succeed (I challenge you to find a bluemarine site that has ads and has 
> been heard of by, oh, I dunno, more than two people).

And, because I felt bad for answering your
challenge with one of my own, I'll respond.
These are sites whose headers:

  * do more than one thing
  * are not filled with ads.
  * are not ignorable.


None of these sites have ads in their header space. Most of them
do it well within the 300px height you claim as non-worrisome. With the 
exception of IBM and Apple, I submit that all are more popular than the 
ones you've listed.

However, I think this is a bad direction to be heading in. We will 
/always/ find a site that agrees with our argument whilst disproving the 
other one. I'm quite sure that's not a road we want to go down.

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