[development] Core module maintainers

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Fri Aug 3 05:18:19 UTC 2007

On 8/2/07 6:11 PM, Boris Mann wrote:
> I've brought this up before, but seeing as one of the core maintainers
> lives in my office, I thought I'd bring it up again.
> I believe we should up the level of responsibility of our main core community.

I've been having this exact discussion with several people informally
and "off list" lately - Steven probably highest amongst those as he's
probably the most frequent victim of it not being clearly established..

> I believe each module / the MAINTAINERS.txt should have at least two
> maintainers attached to it. Officially.

I think MAINTAINERS.txt only gets us so far ('cause most people don't
read it) - but I think your metaphor is more appropriate. At the very
least it would be a good first step. Expanding the 'core team' by domain
expertise makes the most sense to me for sure.


> The same goes for the rest of core modules, or basically anything with
> a "component" listed in the Drupal project.

Yep, I've even suggested to dww that component "owners" would be a great
feature for project module - bugzilla / trac /etc all have this concept.

> This does NOT change commit privileges or process: we have a limited
> set of core committers who must do the final once over when something
> goes RTBC. But ideally...RTBC should be that.

I think solving the RTBC meaning *really* RTBC is a good short-term
win... longer term, MAINTAINERS may actually do commits as well, but I
agree short term it's not necessary. The Mozilla project uses something
sort of like this with "module owners" and there are lots of other
examples ... it makes sense.

> What do you think? Any volunteers for specific parts?

Yeah, I'm definitely +1 for pursuing it... and of the people I've
discussed it with nobody has screamed or thrown things at me for it, so
maybe it's got legs.

As for volunteering, I'm happily there for blogapi , looks like i'm not
"officially" for OpenID yet - but count me in there as well. And then of
course there's image handling for D7 ... muhahahahahhahahah er. ya.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, bmann.
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