[development] node caching

Steve Rude steve at achieveinternet.com
Thu Aug 30 17:20:47 UTC 2007

+100 on this.  I believe this to be a worthy cause.  I have been 
feverishly working on the APC module (d.o/project/apc) to get it ready 
for D6 to have an out of the box single server non-db caching option 
(that doesn't require running memcached processes).  I really believe 
that the work that RD has done on the advcache stuff is _GREAT_ since I 
have personally seen it running in the "real world" and would be much 
easier to implement with just being able to turn the module on much the 
same way you can do with the pluggable caching. 

Without this functionality,  we will never get to test that code 
sufficiently at the magnitude we need to in order to have a really solid 
caching solution for nodes.

Please, please, please let's consider adding this hook or at least keep 
the patch and make it a configurable option that is turned off by default.

Maybe it is just too late in the game now.

Steve Rude

Jeff Eaton wrote:
> I would actually love a simple hook in the node load code, not unlike 
> custom_url_rewrite(), that allows modules like advcache to work 
> directly as part of the node loading mechanism. That would be three, 
> maybe four lines. I just feel strongly that making a breaking change 
> 'opt out' rather than an 'opt in' this late in the cycle, without a 
> lot of large-scale testing, is dangerous.

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