[development] Op-ed: Posting FUD/flame bait to the front page is unproductive, disrespectful, an abuse

Caleb Gilbert caleb.gilbert at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 04:58:29 UTC 2007

...and is not an appropriate thing to do for people with
Drupal.orgfrontpage rights.

If there is something that an individual wants to talk out with the active
Drupal community it should be done on the mailing listing, in the forums, in
irc, Planet Drupal, via email or other appropriate places which are NOT
supposed to be reserved for ushering in newcomers. Of the hundreds of
thousands of people who visit the front page, only a few hundred of them
have enough inside knowledge of the Drupal community to have an educated
opinion, so why not spare the vast majority of Drupal.org visitors from
posts, which in their eyes, likely serves nothing but to undermine the
legitimacy of Drupal, its community, and open source.

Besides the practicalities of the situation it's also very disrespectful and
a betrayal of trust to the people/project who granted the frontpage rights
in the first place to do such a thing as posting personal agenda-type items
to the frontpage.

Here's hoping that individuals and the community-at-large tighten the reins
around themselves/each other in order to avoid these personal-soapbox
situations in the future (unless it's to evangelize Drupal, the community,
or open source), because it seems to be having a profoundly negative effect
on morale...
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