[development] Content Type - wiki

Matthew Lechleider mattl at onshore.com
Thu Feb 1 14:34:44 UTC 2007

I have been using the Liquid Wiki Engine for Drupal 4.7.4.  It has lots 
of bugs/issues, but it will work.  I added wiki as a content type and it 
works great.  The syntax is a bit off from media wiki (which most wiki 
users are used to).  Please contact me if you have any questions about 
it.  The module developers have not touched the projects in months.


Earnie Boyd wrote:
> In discussion of using Drupal for CMS elsewhere, I had a brainy idea 
> as someone objected that Drupal didn't supply a wiki.  Thinking out 
> the idea I suggested that perhaps a content type named wiki could be 
> created where revisions are set and the content is published but not 
> promoted where any authenticated user could edit the content.  A menu 
> block named Wiki could be created to associate the nodes to.  A 
> taxonomy list could be created to help find the wiki content.  Let's 
> see I would need a wiki content filter to apply to WikiWiki words.
> What am I missing?  Perhaps a theme to separate the main content from 
> the comments in a tabbed display similar to MediaWiki.  What else?
> Earnie
> P.S.: I know I can use third party software with Drupal, I'm trying to 
> think through this simplistic idea.

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