[development] CVS branch work best practices?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Feb 2 12:59:14 UTC 2007


I've recently started using the "new" CVS ways on Drupal.org but ran into some 
difficulties. I am not sure if I simply don't understand it, or if I expect 
too much from the 'tools'. 

Here is the case: 
Foo module has the following tree
|--- DRUPAL-4-7
|--- DRUPAL-5
|     |- tag DRUPAL-5--1-0
|     | lots of hard work and patches applied
|     |- tag DRUPAL-5--2-0

What one would expect (or at least, what the CVS handbooks tell me to expect) 
is that HEAD is always the latest-greatest-thingy. So it should include all 
the cool stuff that was added during the 'lots of hard work and patches 
applied' phase.
Yet with the curent practice it is not, or seems to me, not to be. In order to 
let it be that latest-greatest, I *seem to* have to apply all patches twice, 
at least, I could not find any way to make this easier then by copy-pasting 
files, changes and patches around. I seem to have to syncronise the changes 
made during 'lots of hard work' every single time. This is quite a lot of 
work. And I feel it as a waste of time when the 'tools' I use require me 
to 'waste' time that i could have spent on development.

Is there some way, I missed, or misunderstood, or whatever, that allows this 
process to work without lots of extra work? 
Is it just me who wants HEAD to be he latest-greatest? 


NB: I asked the same question on Drupal's IRC channel, yet people tought I was  
whining, or complaining; I've tried to rephrase it in this mail, it is just a 
concern of me, and a question for others about how I (and others, facing the 
same issues) can drive up my productivity. It is by no means meant as 
critique on the new release system. It is simply a question for us all to 
improve the way we use our "tools" :)
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