[development] should tinymce get a new maintainer tinymce

adrian rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Mon Feb 5 21:06:36 UTC 2007

On 05 Feb 2007, at 8:54 PM, Kevin Reynen wrote:

> I think if the hack I wrote last night can be flushed out as a patch
> that restores the GUI role based customization, that will go along way
> towards putting out this fire.  Another thing that might help is a
> dojo-style video showing users how to customize their theme .js.  I
> think I can get a someone to do that in the next day or 2.
unless it's web editable, it's just not plausible.

user's should never be required to pop open a text editor and edit  
files for normal
operation (and setting which buttons to show is normal operation).

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