[development] should tinymce get a new maintainer tinymce

Kevin Reynen kreynen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 22:55:58 UTC 2007

I don't think anyone is arguing that a GUI isn't the easiest way for
the average user to configure TinyMCE.  The point I'm trying to make
is that by bypassing TinyMCE theme.js files, we limit the
compatibility with TinyMCE and its plug-ins.  To solve the short term
lack of functionality many people seem to be willing to give up
functionality and flexibility they don't even know exists.

I'm not going to claim to be a TinyMCE expert, but I have learned a
lot more about how to configure it since I was allowed/forced to
configure the theme.js files myself.  The 4.7 module only allowed
users to select the buttons, not change the order or decide which bar
they appeared on.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think
there is a way to override the 4.7 module settings with a custom .js

I understand that some people are upset about losing functionality,
but for those of use who have been working in Drupal 5 and the
"official 5 version of TinyMCE", reverting to the patched 4.7 module
would remove functionality we have now!

I've tried to connect with the maintainer by posting to the
www.drupal-id.com forum...


It's only 5AM there right now, but I hope for everyone's sanity that
we will get a response in some way, shape, or form today (tonight for
most of us).

Meanwhile, progress on restoring the 4.7 functionality to drupal-id's
TinyMCE rewrite continues.  Scafmac released a patch to enable roles.
Unfortunately it is limited to the 3 included .js themes...


- Kevin

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