[development] Bugfix releases for contrib

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 20:32:40 UTC 2007


that's indeed a good question. I personally wait several days or  
maybe one or two weeks after I fixed a bug. In the issue that  
reported the bug, I state that this bug has been fixed in the  
development release (you could also provide a link to the release  
node). When no other bugs occur, I'll roll a stable release.

> New bugs appear because I'm a novice, and I'd prefer not to debate  
> that here.

Rest assured that most likely all code has bugs. Even from advanced  
developers. Take for example Drupal core: there are lots of bug fixes  
even though core code is usually reviewed by many eyes when it's  
committed first.

> I've already rolled two point releases this week, and have a third  
> pending.

Three releases in a week is probably not a good idea. However, this  
also depends on the severity of the issues fixed. If they are pretty  
grave (XSS, Module can't even be installed, etc.) it's of course  
necessary to immediately release a new module. If the bug was a minor  
one, you probably can wait several days or even weeks.

> Should the consensus answer be added to http://drupal.org/handbook/ 
> cvs/releases/types


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