[development] Missing CVS branches in contrib -- peeve

Metzler, David metzlerd at evergreen.edu
Wed Jan 3 01:25:45 UTC 2007

It seems to me that the docs conflict just a bit.  I like the concept of
using head for new feature module releases, creating releases when
they're stable, and doing a branch when you need to cause the API's
underneath change. Every time you branch, it seems to imply that you're
going to maintain that branch for bug fixes, and I don't do that (don't
have time).  I will probably maintain head for the current stable
version, and when I decide it's time to port, I'll create a branch to
maintain bugfixes only in the prior stable release version, and continue
new feature development in HEAD.  Regardless as to how many branches I
create (cause the docs tell me to) I'm trying to see if I'm missing
something here. 

The only reason I bring this up, is that I've created a 5.0 branch on my
code that I will "never alter any code in" because the doc's suggested
I'd be irresponsible if I didn't. Shouldn't I have waited till 5.0
released before creating this branch? Is there a reason I shouldn't
develop 5.x-0.1 in HEAD and then tag new releases from that?. (I've
already created a DRUPAL-4-7 branch to maintain my 4.7 compatible code
in and created new releases from it). Am I being "irresponsible"?  What
am I missing here? 

Decide for yourself whether you think this is in conflict: 

On the one hand......

Once a contribution has been ported to a given version of the Drupal
core API, the maintainer should create a branch that matches the branch
name used by core. This is not technically required, but is definitely
recommended for responsible project maintainers. These initial stable
branches have the exact same format as Drupal core branches, for example

On the other.....
Eventually, you'll decide it is safe to update the module to the next
version of core. At this point you should make a new branch for your
previously developed features, before you start porting to the latest
version of core. Once that branch was created, you would convert your
module in HEAD, and when you consider it stable enough for an official
release, you would create a new stable branch that was compatible with
the new version of core.

Thanks again Derek for the new release system... I am loving it!


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